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panarmenian.net7 hours ago

India bans electronic cigarettes

September 18, 2019 - 17:27 AMTPanARMENIAN.Net - India banned the production, import and sale of electronic cigarettes on Wednesday, September 18, a public health decision that will dash the expansion plans of companies such as Juul Labs and Philip Morris International in the country, Reuters reports. The ban will be imposed thr...

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panarmenian.net8 hours ago

Air pollution reaches in fetus-facing side of placentas: study

September 18, 2019 - 16:22 AMTPanARMENIAN.Net - Black carbon particles typically emitted by vehicle exhaust and coal-fired power plants have been detected on the fetus-facing side of placentas, researchers said Tuesday, September 17, AFP reports. The concentration of particles was highest in the placentas of women most exposed ...

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panarmenian.net10 hours ago

UN says the world now is home to 272 million international migrants

September 18, 2019 - 14:53 AMTPanARMENIAN.Net - The growing number of international migrants has now reached 272 million, outpacing the growth rate of the world’s population, according to new data from the UN’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), released on Tuesday, September 17. The figures reflect a jump from 2...

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panarmenian.net12 hours ago

New peptides improve memory in mice with Alzheimer’s: study

September 18, 2019 - 12:26 AMTPanARMENIAN.Net - Alzheimer’s disease (AD) affects over 44 million people the world over. But now, neurologist Jack Jhamandas and his team have found two short peptides which, on daily injection into mice with symptoms of AD for just five weeks, led to a significant improvement, says News Medical. ...

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panarmenian.net13 hours ago

Sleeping needs may be driven by intensity of brain activity

September 18, 2019 - 11:55 AMTPanARMENIAN.Net - People's need for sleep may be related to how intensive their brain activity has been since their last sleep, according to a study released by the University College London (UCL). There are two systems regulating sleep: the circadian and homeostatic systems. Researchers have done ...

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panarmenian.net13 hours ago

Saudi Arabia reportedly sold building where Khashoggi was killed

September 18, 2019 - 11:31 AMTPanARMENIAN.Net - Saudi Arabia has sold the building housing its diplomatic mission in Istanbul where Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed last year, Al jazeera reports citing a Turkish broadcaster. According to Habeturk TV, the building, located in the upscale Levent neighbourhood, was sold...

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panarmenian.net14 hours ago

India expects to gain control over Pakistani Kashmir "one day"

September 18, 2019 - 10:55 AMTPanARMENIAN.Net - India's foreign minister said on Tuesday, September 17 that the part of Kashmir controlled by Pakistan belongs to India and that he expected New Delhi to gain physical control over it one day, as the two countries again traded barbs over the disputed territory. India rules the hea...

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panarmenian.net14 hours ago

Indonesia raises minimum age for marriage to 19

September 18, 2019 - 10:41 AMTPanARMENIAN.Net - Indonesia's parliament has raised the minimum age at which women can marry to 19, in a ruling which is expected to curb child marriage in the country. There was unanimous agreement on the revision to the country's existing marriage law, according to a statement on Indonesia's Hous...

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Study looks for differences in brain connectivity among tea drinkers

September 17, 2019 - 16:43 AMTPanARMENIAN.Net - A recent small scale study looks for differences in connectivity in the brains of people who drink tea regularly and those who rarely drink tea. The findings seem encouraging, but much more work is needed. Spending just a few moments searching the internet for the health benefits ...

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Sara Corning statue unveiled in Canada

September 17, 2019 - 15:51 AMTPanARMENIAN.Net - On land where once stood a cherished church that Armenian Genocide missionary Sara Corning may have attended, a statue of her now stands. The sculpture was unveiled on Sept. 14, on the Parade Street lawn of the Yarmouth County Museum where Zion United Baptist Church once stood, Th...

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