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armenpress.am16 minutes ago

PM Karapetyan introduced on DFA’s ongoing programs

Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan on July 27 visited the Development Foundation of Armenia (DFA) where he was introduced on the process of ongoing programs, press service of the government told Armenpress. DFA Executive Director Armen Avak Avakian presented to the PM the new program after the foundation’s structural reforms and s...

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a1plus.am2 hours ago

Nairit employees: Let the prime minister come and tell us that the plant will not work again (video)

Former employees of Nairit chemical plant again gathered outside the government building demanding a solution to their problem. “They see that we gather here every week but no one comes out to talk to us and to listen to our concerns. Let the prime minister come and tell us that the plant will not work again, do not come here ag...

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armenpress.am3 hours ago

"We need to recognize Armenian Genocide", says Israeli politician

Israeli politician Yair Lapid, the founder of Yesh Atid (There is a future) political party called on the authorities of his country to recognize the Armenian Genocide, Jerusalem Post reports. The Israeli politican’s proposal comes as Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan had made some strict statements for Israel regarding th...

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lragir.am5 hours ago

U.S. Tightens Rope Around Russia: What's Awaiting Russia's "Sputniks"?

The U.S. has adopted a bill on new sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea. The bill must be approved by the Senate. Next, it will be sent to Trump who signs or vetoes bills. 184 pages of the document adopted by the Congress are on Russia, the “reasons” are listed in detail: Ukraine, actions against the U.S. cyber securit...

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a1plus.am6 hours ago

Minister does not rule staff layoffs

Levon Altunyan, Minister of Health of Armenia, today expressed hope that the funds allocated to the healthcare system [from the state budget] will not be curtailed next year. “We hope we shall be able to justify our programs so that the money allocated to the healthcare sector will not be cut. Should it happen anyway, we shall c...

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panorama.am6 hours ago

Israel always ready to sell arms to any state, including Armenia – deputy FM

Israel is always ready to sell arms to any country, including Armenia, Shavarsh Kocharyan, Deputy Foreign Minister of Armenia, said on Thursday, commenting on the issue of the Israeli arms supplies to Azerbaijan. “It [the sale volumes] already depends on the price proposals and a range of other issues,” Mr. Kocharyan told the ...

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armenpress.am7 hours ago

Finance minister hopes Armenia and US will abolish double taxation

The Armenia-USA agreement on ruling out double taxation has always been in the government’s agenda and among the priorities, finance minister Vardan Aramyan told reporters after today’s Cabinet meeting. “Since 2008, when I was transferred to the finance ministry, I can’t recall a single year when we haven’t raised this issue as ...

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panorama.am7 hours ago

Austrian chancellor: EU could never digest Turkey joining

Austria's chancellor says the European Union could "never, ever" digest the economic impact of Turkey joining, underlining his country's hard line against membership, ABC News reports. Austria has been among Ankara's most outspoken critics in the 28-nation EU and argued for freezing membership talks with Turkey. Chancellor Ch...

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a1plus.am7 hours ago

Ambulance called to court: Reasons are unknown

Employees of the Ambulance Service and Ministry of Emergency Situations are grouped outside the Court of General Jurisdiction of Avan and Nor Nork districts where the trial of the 18 members of the Sasna Dzrer (the Daredevils of Sasun) group is underway. It is still unclear what has happened. As soon as the ambulance arrived, De...

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armenpress.am7 hours ago

No final decision over Sargsyan-Aliyev meeting

No final decision exists over the meeting of the Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents, Armenian deputy foreign minister Shavarsh Kocharyan told reporters after today’s Cabinet meeting, adding that the proposal regarding the meeting was brought forward by the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs. “The foreign ministers are working on this p...

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