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Yerevan, April 19 – Evening Protest Rally Draws Thousands

hetq.am6 hours ago
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Yerevan, April 19 – Evening Protest Rally Draws Thousands

Main points of this evening’s mass rally in Yerevan

1- Serzh Sargsyan’s departure from the Armenian government as the main demand

2 -The movement’s main objective is to put the government in the hands of the people

3 -The movement is neither pro-western or pro-Russian, but rather puts the interests of Armenia and its people first.

4 -Movement leader Nikol Pashinyan promised to raise the wages of police officers and civil servants after Sargsyan’s resignation as prime minister.

5 -Pashinyan now refers to the movement as a “revolution” that is unstoppable.

6 -Pashinyan called what is taking place today a process where “Armenians are rediscovering their love and respect for their fellow Armenians”.

7 -Pashinyan called on the police to open the streets to citizens and a...

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