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Armenian President participates in Doha Forum 2019 in Qatar

armenpress.am3 hours ago
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Armenian President participates in Doha Forum 2019 in Qatar

President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian participated in the Doha Forum 2019 at the invitation of Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Presidential Office told Armenpress. The Armenian President delivered remarks at the plenary session of the Forum.

This year the Forum is being held under the slogan “Reimagining Governance in a MultiPolar World”.

In his speech the Armenian President touched upon the development trends of the global world, stating: “The reality is that the world is not only multipolar, but also is much more complex than we expected. In line with the complexities of the multipolar world there are also many issues which remain without response. Uncertainty is much more, than certainty, unpredicted events are taking place more than those which are possible to predict and take respective actions. Why all this is happening? Currently we are at the crossroad of time in some sense and are entering into a new era via the gate of that time”.

According to him, today, in line with the normal, real life there is another, a virtual life which creates absolutely new and different atmosphere which is more of a quantum nature: the old paradigms for the policy, security strategies will no longer work and we need to take into account the new realities of the world.

“Here I will touch upon one issue – the importance of “small”. All examples I mentioned related to the “power of small”, as one or two talented people create huge multifunctional companies. One or two politicians, who have a lot of energy and understand what is happening in the world, carry out a revolution by using the global, social network and becoming the next leader of their people. There are countries, which were not known previously, but, having a strong military power, created their own military tools which can be as effective as those of the big powers”, President Sarkissian said. “The power of that small starts with an individual, groups, motivated people who act as an entirety having one slogan, one target, one role in their life: this is also the case to the states. Of course, this world is multipolar. And not only the super powers, but also the small and successful countries have their own “strong voice”. I am happy that I am addressing this simple idea or message here in Doha. Qatar is a wonderful example of a small country which is not only beautiful, but also successful. There are many other countries in this gulf with similar success, such as Singapore which has a great impact on the global prospects. Rwanda as well is such a country the president of which is here. Yes, there are small countries, but they have a concrete vision, clearly understand their advantage and make it success. Some countries, such as Qatar, not only use their natural resources, but also serve them for building the future. That future will not be based on the natural resources, but on educat...

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