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Mir Online: A boiling point in the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict

panorama.am3 hours ago
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Mir Online: A boiling point in the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict

“After a difficult summer, Azerbaijan and Armenia’s precarious conflict is in danger of erupting,” Mir Online Canadian news agency says in an article published on Sept.1.

“The violence continues today, as skirmishes occur regularly along constantly shifting boundary lines, resulting in regular military and civilian casualties.

The largest outbreak of violence in the past few years was the Four Day War of 2016, in which hundreds of soldiers and civilians on both sides were killed or wounded.

At first, it seemed as though the tragedy of the Four Day War would provide an opportunity for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the Minsk Group, responsible for reaching a peace settlement, to restart talks and make progress towards conflict resolution. Unfortunately, as of this summer’s developments, it is evident that these brokering organizations were unable to prevent escalating tension and have completely failed to mediate a conflict that is rapidly snowballing towards all-out war,” Mir Online writes.

“However, what makes the conflict so volatile, and so significant on the world stage, is the role of world players who would likely be drawn in should war break out again.

For a conflict in which mediation is unlikely to succeed in the short term, calls for a “fin...

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