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My Step alliance assumes sole responsibility for further processes, says political scientist

armenpress.am3 hours ago
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My Step alliance assumes sole responsibility for further processes, says political scientist

The results of yesterday’s snap parliamentary elections in Armenia reflected the existing post-revolutionary situation in the country.

Political scientist Alexander Margarov told Armenpress that very few people questioned the victory of My Step alliance, headed by acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

“It was obvious that Pashinyan’s force was going to get large number of votes. According to the data released by the Central Electoral Commission (CEC), it turns out that My Step bloc has quite great support, these votes contain quite big social and political capital which must be used correctly for the benefit of state, socio-economic and political development”, the political scientist said, adding that the My Step bloc assumes sole responsibility for the further processes. He said of course there are great expectations among the people, the problem is what new program the new government will present and how will implement it.

As for the remaining political forces elected to the Parliament, Margarov said it seems the function of the opposition must be carried out by the Prosperous Armenia and Bright Armenia parties, but, according to him, this is somehow difficult to imagine.

“First of all let me state that there are little differences among the political forces from programmatic terms. Their approaches are almost the same, only the Bright Armenia party supports the Western vector in the foreign policy field. On the other hand, this political force has been an ally with Pashinyan’s party, and it’s difficult to imagine this party acting in the role of the opposition. As for the Prosperous Armenia party, this political force has always announced that it is neither a leadership nor an opposition. This sounds a little strange, but in any case time will show”, he said.

Commenting on the voter turnout, the political scientist considers normal that this factor is being speculated by the oppositions.

“Some political forces will speculate these numbers, the opposition representatives will say that look there was a low voter turnout, therefore this...

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