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Gurgen Khachatryan: Dismantling of business on the agenda today; I want nothing to do with that agenda

panorama.am05/4th/2020, 6:18
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Gurgen Khachatryan: Dismantling of business on the agenda today; I want nothing to do with that agenda

Gurgen Khachatryan, the co-founder of the Galaxy Group of Companies and chairman of the board of directors at Ucom, issued a statement on Sunday, which, in particular, reads:

“This letter itself is unbelievable, as is the situation created around our businesses.

My brothers and I have been in business since we were students. Naturally, back then those were small and insignificant works, "startups" as we call them today. Freshmen year of the university, we had a lemonade and ice cream stand in Victory Park, a failed pharmacy and a not-so-successful store experience. Business gave us independence. We earned our small but independent income, and that made us strong. We believed that what we created would speak for us, and over the years, 15 brands were created, all from the scratch. Every year new people joined us and new ideas were born, and by the 20th anniversary the company had already become one of the biggest taxpayers in Armenia, uniting 3,000 professionals.

Lately, everyone has been intensely following the situation created around our activities. There were people who expressed concern, there were people who gave strength and support, there were, of course, those who were happy with the situation. But, in particular, 3,000 families have been more troubled because de facto the guarantor of their stability is de jure involved in actions beyond the logic of law, where all manipulative measures are used to dismantle successful businesses, spread and intimidate dirty myths. From a legal point of view, the accusation leveled at me by the state is a gross interference of free economic activity and a person's private life. I will not make a moral assessment. People can see and analyze everything.

Noting the extreme illegality of these trials, the fact that the decisions by the investiga...

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