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Generosity, love and simplicity – Lebanese blogger on Armenian cuisine

armenpress.am3 hours ago
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Generosity, love and simplicity – Lebanese blogger on Armenian cuisine

Anthony Rahayel and No Garlic No Onions project

I am Anthony Rahayel, I am a Lebanese blogger and I am showing to the world the real cuisines of different countries through my No garlic No onions project which are not seen on TV, discovering their national, traditional dishes and spreading happiness everywhere. This project is a unique “guidebook” for those interested in gastro-tourism. It tells about cuisine features of different countries, famous and not so famous restaurants by discovering the entire gastro-tourism potential of that country.

No Garlic No Onions project in Armenia

We are doing two things within the frames of No Garlic No Onions project – spread happiness and share positivity everywhere. It is already 7 days we are in Armenia and trying to discover this amazing country, to show what has not been told and showed. We already visited Dilijan, Goshavank, Sevan, Garni, Geghard, Gyumri, Yerevan’s Victory park and etc. We will also visit Areni, Noravank, Khor Virap monastery, Goris, Tatev monastery and Jermuk. By our project we also want to show the reality and change the people’s perception on this or that issue. We are here to discover this amazing country with its amazing people and show through media what has not been told for quite a long time.

Armenians in Lebanon

In reality we are two peoples who live in one country, in other words, more than 800.000 Armenians live in Lebanon and we are quite close and share the same culture. The fact that the flight from Lebanon to Armenia lasts 2 hours is perfect, there is no need for visa and I invite everyone here to “taste” this amazing country. When you say an Armenian cuisine in Lebanon, people immediately understand garlic, spices and other different things. When I was visiting Armenia, I couldn’t imagine well what to expect, what I will see and feel. Coming here I saw people who really love live, enjoy it, but as for the cuisine here, I didn’t see any similarity with the Armenian cuisine of Lebanon. I have been in many countries, and all cuisines are very different, there are cuisines that are based on passion or are more sophisticated for g...

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