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Why Do Iranian Politicians Make a Noise ? The Expert on Iranian Affairs Comments

armenpress.am03/31st/2020, 9:48

Why Do Iranian Politicians Make a Noise ? The Expert on Iranian Affairs Comments

In the recent days, a number of Iranian high-level officials, politicans, public figures and media agencies actively comment on the RA decision to open an embassy in Israel. Iranian figures, condemning the official Yerevan’s decision, call to review it. The first to comment on the topic was Iranian Parliament Speaker's Aide Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, who declared that the opening of the embassy in Tel Aviv will have a negative impact on the security of the region.

Armenpress have talked with the expert on the Iranian affairs Zhanna Vardanyan on the topic.

-How will you explain the manipulations by some Iranian MPs and number of media agencies on the topic of opening the embassy of Armenia in Israel.

-Iran is very sensitive to the activities demonstrated by its opponents Israel and the United States in the region and especially in the neighboring countries. From time to time we have witnessed the same reaction towards Azerbaijan’s relations with Israel on the background of weapon purchases. The same reaction was expressed during the visit of the US president’s adviser John Bolton to the region.

During Bolton’s visit, Yerevan once more proved that in contrast to the other neighbors, is a transparent and reliable partner for Tehran. Despite the difficult situation around Iran, Armenia always supported the friendly relations with the neighboring country, while in case of emergencies helped the neighboring people. Taking this into consideration, the convulsions among some circles in Iran are irrelevant and give an impression of being directed by the third side, or worse, it can be ordered.

What refers to the official Yerevan’s position, the Armenian authorities have declared many times, that any new or deepening cooperation will not be at the expense of other relations, especially will not undermine the relations with friendly and neighboring countries. This principle is more obvious in case of the relations with Iran: the relations with no actors can harm the relations with Tehran, and, of course, Armenia-Iran friendly relations cannot be an obstacle for Yerevan’s political path to deepen partnership with other countries.

-Can one assume from your comments that such a reaction by the Iranian side is possibly a directed anti-Armenian campaign. If, yes, what is its aim?

-The first remarkble reaction was the statement of the Iranian Parliament Speaker's Aide Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, which was followed by the publications of Iranian popular media agencies. It shows that there were some direction and coordination. Before that, a limited number of marginal, pro-Azerbaijani and not so popular Iranian media agencies touched the topic, they still continue to keep the topic active these days. The Turkic-speaking circles also refered to the topic, which are famous for their pro-Azerbaijani stance.

What refers to Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, it should be stated that he is from the conservative group, the other members of which also commented on the topic. And the popular media agencies, which published critical articles on the topic, are also conservative ones. And it is not a secret that the conservatives have tougher rethoric on the issues relating to Israel.

I want to conclude that such reactions are mainly in the context of Iranian internal politics and do not have a foreign track. Particularly, the government of Iran and the ones who come up with these critical statements are from different political fronts. And possible the conservatives gather dividents against reformists at the expense of Armenia, which is st...

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