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The hidden part of KinoPark

panarmenian.net06/8th/2023, 2:06

The hidden part of KinoPark

June 8, 2023 - 18:01 AMT

PanARMENIAN.Net - Behind the scenes at Kinopark – one of the most popular movie theaters in Armenia – there is another world that most customers don’t even know about.

"Beyond the big screen lies a world that most of our customers fail to imagine," says Areg Danielyan, the Director of KinoPark․

Flashing lights in the darkness indicate the operation of a powerful system that ensures the smooth functioning of a next-generation movie theater. Cinema technicians diligently monitor the projectors and equipment.

"The technology is quite complex. We don't manually control the projectors. Instead, using a specialized program, movies are separated from the server based on the cinema halls and schedules. Each movie has its own unique online key, which is activated during the screening. Consequently, each screening has its own distinct key," explains the Director of KinoPark.

At KinoPark, it is possible to watch any movie released worldwide. On the way to his office, he opens one of the rooms and, pointing to an employee sitting in front of a computer, says, "If you ask Marina, she can tell you which films will be released globally in the coming months."

Marina Ghambaryan is the Movie Rental Мanager at KinoPark and has been working at the cinema since 2016.

KinoPark collaborates with the major film production companies worldwide, enabling them to organize the Yerevan premiere of popular films. Since its establishment in 2015, the company has regularly updated cooperation agreements with film producers, although negotiations are sometimes necessary. For example, Areg Danielyan mentions the need to negotiate with the Walt Disney Company to explain that it is not feasible to show the same film 15 times a day, as demanded by Disney. After all, films from other companies should also be shown on the six halls’ screens of KinoPark.

KinoPark opened in the Yerevan Mall multifunctional trade and entertainment complex, eight years ago. Despite the passage of time and continuous technological developments, it remains the leading cinema in Armenia. "We are the only one in Armenia to provide such quality," states Areg Danielyan.

KinoPark is equipped with state-of-the-art cinema equipment from the renowned German brand BARCO, featuring unique 4K quality screens and a Dolby Atmos sound system, which are exclusive in Armenia.

The Director does not complain about the decline in the audience, even with the increasing availability of online movie streaming.

"You'll never experience the same magic at home as you do in the cinema. People also come for the superior service. Here, they enjoy comfortable seats in large cinema halls, with year-round standard heating and cooling adjusted according to the season. They come with friends, buy delicious popcorn, and immerse themselves in a sound system that is unmatched at home," says Areg Danielyan.

During the COVID19 pandemic, when cinemas were forced to close, there was a fear that the audience would never return. However, fortunately, they managed to "win back the audience" through captivating films, although not completely, but they are working towards that goal.

Overall, the film industry still faces the impact of the pandemic, disrupting the scheduled premiere dates. Strangely enough, even the smallest change can have consequences for film production and cinema operations.

"If screenwriters in the USA protest, it may also affect Armenia, and the film may not reach us on the scheduled date, resulting in changes to the film schedule," he explains.

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