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news.am10/3rd/2018, 11:00

Armenia border guards prevent animal theft

YEREVAN. – On September 29 at around 1:15am, Khachik Greyan, a resident of Paghaghbyur village of Armenia’s Lori Province, informed that cattle were stolen from his barn. Also, he had informed about this to the commander of the border guards who are stationed nearby the rural community, the National Security Service press center...

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news.am10/3rd/2018, 10:24

Sharmazanov: Everything today is on Armenia PM’s court

YEREVAN. – It’s not realistic for me to go to snap parliamentary elections before [next] May, but everything today is on the Prime Minister’s court; and if he resigns, the corresponding developments are going on. National Assembly (NA) Vice President Eduard Sharmazanov, who is also a member of the NA faction of the former ruling...

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news.am10/3rd/2018, 9:48

Yelk parliament faction: No possibility of counterrevolution in Armenia

YEREVAN. – Yesterday we were in the office of National Assembly (NA) President Ara Babloyan for several hours, and there we discussed the situation—in a very quiet, very calm, friendly, and warm atmosphere. Edmon Marukyan, a member of the NA “Way Out” (Yelk) Faction, on Wednesday told the aforesaid to reporters in parliament. In...

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news.am10/3rd/2018, 9:18

Republican Party of Armenia to issue statement in coming hours

YEREVAN. – The Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) is likely to issue a statement to give assessment of the yesterday's events and the meeting with the PM, deputy chairman of RPA Armen Ashotyan told reporters in the parliament. “I am using the word ‘meeting’ on purpose, as these were not talks. The head of the government said he j...

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news.am10/3rd/2018, 9:06

Armenia legislature has quorum at last

There was quorum at the National Assembly of Armenia, two hours later on Wednesday, and the parliament is voting on the bills that were debated on yesterday. All six matters on the NA session’s agenda were discussed on Tuesday. As reported earlier, the parliament failed to start its session on Wednesday morning, and for lack of ...

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news.am10/3rd/2018, 8:54

Prosperous Armenia Party: We made no arrangement yesterday

YEREVAN. – We have not made any arrangement yesterday, and we listened to information as to what the Prime Minister is going to do, what his intentions are. Vice President of the National Assembly (NA), Mikayel Melkumyan, who is also a member of the NA “Tsarukyan” Faction—which is supported by the Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP),...

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news.am10/3rd/2018, 6:42

Armenia parliament session not starting for lack of quorum

YEREVAN. – The National Assembly (NA) of Armenia has failed to start its session on Wednesday morning, and for lack of a quorum; solely 41 of the 105 MPs were in attendance to the sitting. NA President Ara Babloyan noted that they can wait a while more, since new MPs were coming in. Babloyan added the attendance of 53 deputies ...

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news.am10/2nd/2018, 8:06

ARF MP: Now clear that they want to dissolve parliament by force, not by virtue of law

YEREVAN. – The changes in parliament’s rules of procedure are about strengthening the Constitution.. If the demand of not preventing an MP is viewed as counter-revolution then I am an counter-revolutionist, the head of ARP fraction Armen Rustamyan told reporters addressing PM’s announcement that those voting for the draft are co...

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news.am10/2nd/2018, 4:36

Armenian PM: Whoever votes for that draft bill declares war against people

YEREVAN. – Whoever votes for this draft law will thus declare a political war against the people, said Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan via Facebook live session addressing the suggested draft law on changes in law on parliament’s procedures. “By urgency order a legislative initiative was brought in the National Assembly agenda and w...

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news.am10/2nd/2018, 4:24

Armenian PM arrives in Baghramyan Avenue

YEREVAN. – Armenian Prime Minister has arrived in Baghramyan Avenue minutes ago. A large number of citizens have gathered there to protest against amendments to the parliament’s regulations that had been just adopted by the lawmakers. PM said he would enter his residence and would come back shortly. ...

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